Testen Sie Ihr Business English.

Bitte füllen Sie den Business English Test ohne Hilfe von Freunden oder Büchern aus. Markieren Sie die richtige Antwort. Es gibt nur eine richtige Antwort pro Frage.


  1. _______ company is Smith Consulting.
    he his he's
  2. We _______ four offices.
    have has  are
  3. There _______ three major airports in New York.
    is are have
  4. Can we _______ a meeting?
    available appoint arrange
  5. What project _______ now?
    are you working on do you work on did you work on
  6. My schedule is _______ this week.
    busy fast time
  7. When _______ your company?
    started you at did you start at did you started at
  8. English _______ around the world.
    speaks has spoken is spoken
  9. Our new planning software _______ me focus on more important work.
    lets allows gets
  10. You _______ change that setting! It's dangerous!
    don't have to mustn't needn't
  11. If we changed the design, we _______ sell more.
    sell 'll sell 'd sell
  12. I’m surprised she’s late, normally she’s so _______.
    hard-working patient punctual
  13. The best benefit of my job is _______.
    my salary my company car the overtime
  14. I’ve run _______ of money. Can you give me some?
    low ahaed out
  15. Excuse me, could you tell me what time _______?
    is it it is does it
  16. Now that we’ve looked at the progress up to now, let’s _______ to our future goals.
    turn on notice move on
  17. Their demand is _______ ridiculous.
    completely very such
  18. The advantages certainly _______ the disadvantages.
    outweigh outcome outlook
  19. If he _______, I’m sure he would’ve got the grant.
    applied would apply had applied
  20. Let me _______ you in on the details.
    fill pack add

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